Evidence Allah's Existence and Unity

What are the proofs of Allah's existence and oneness?

Evidence Allah's Existence and Unity
Evidence of God's Existence and Unity

Since belief in Allah is inherent in man, a person who is not negatively affected by the environment should accept the existence and oneness of God. For this reason, most of the verses in the Qur'an referring to Allah Ta'ala, the subject of His attributes.

Evidence of God's Existence and Unity

The subject of God's existence has been accepted in the Qur'an as a necessary and obvious fact to be known to man. According to the Islamic aka Allah is one and one. This is not a “one üyle in terms of number. Because the number can be divided and folded. Allah is greater than that. His being is in the sense of his absence and similarity in His attributes, attributes, names and actions, Lordhood and dominance. In surah, it is stated that Allah is one, in need of nothing, that he has not given birth, and that He has no equivalent. In the surah of Kafirun, worship will be made only to Allah. It is emphasized that the Prophet did not worship what the infidels worshiped before, and then he would not worship. There are many verses in many suras of the Qur'an, which emphasize that there is no God's unity, his wife and the like:

“Allah has not adopted a child. There is no deity with Him. Otherwise, each deity would manipulate and create one's own creation, and one of them would surpass the other. (Al-Mu'minun 23/91) “If there were other gods in the earth and in heaven, the earth and the sky would have been broken. El (al-Anbiah 21/22) The order in the universe is the most obvious evidence.

It is evident that there is an order and harmony in this vast universe that astonishes and amazes minds. Since the creation of the universe, this order and harmony have been going on in the eternal balance of extremely perfect, fine and delicate calculations.

If the owner of an orchard wakes up one morning and sees that some of the seedlings have been irregularly overturned, it can be regarded as the result of a storm or a natural disaster. However, if there was an account and order in the overthrow of trees, for example, if one of every three or five trees were toppled in turn, it would not accept that it was a natural disaster. He understands that this damage was caused by an asset capable of accountability. He must think, therefore, that those who fail to accept the fact that a five-on-tree overturning is attributed to unconscious causes is an absurd blessing to assert that it exists by chance or by itself, despite all the accountable subtleties in the universe! [1]

Poet Necip Fazıl calls those who are dragged into such a blunder:

I'm wrapped in direction, no matter what side I look,
Is it a hug and not a hug?
Who is the artist who painted this face;
Can't someone pass by and ask in the mirror?

Every Islamic mind, whose nature is intact, recognizes the chain of causes in the universe in a conscious manner and understands that they all arrive in an sahibibü’l-esbâba, that is the real cause of all causes, the Almighty Right. However, in this regard, the devil, in order to mislead the contemplation of human beings in every corner has set a thousand steps and traps. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of the traps of Satan by thinking with a mind and acting with mercy.

In the Holy Quran:

Lar Those who have knowledge in their worshipers are afraid of Allah. ” (Faith, 28)

For this reason, to grasp God's grandeur and power properly, first of all, is a science. This is because of this fact that scholars who study the subtleties of the macro and micro worlds grasp the existence and might of the Creator more perfectly than anyone because of the horrific order and laws they observe.

An example of this is from Indian scholars, Doctor Inâyetullah al-Mashrikî:

On a rainy Sunday in 1909, I saw the famous astronomy scholar Sir James Jones, a professor at Cambridge University. He was going to church even though his Bible and umbrella were under his seat. I approached him and greeted him. When I say hello again:

“What do you want from me?” He said.

“–I want two things, sir! First, why is your umbrella standing under your seat despite the intensity of the rain? ”

He immediately opened his umbrella, smiling. I said go ahead:

Kinc isi Secondly, what might have prompted a scholar like you to go to church?

Sir James, after a short pause before this question:

He said, bize Come to us today and let us drink the evening tea together!.

When I went to the house in the evening, the creation of the semâvî objects, the great systems in them, the terrible distance and differences between them, the material of these objects, the axes, shots, mind-stagnating light floods, etc. I felt my heart trembling in the glory and majesty of Allah. Sir James, for fear of God, his hair was bumps, tears divorced from his eyes and his hands trembled. He stopped for a moment and continued:

"-İnâyetull to

He has created seven heavens with each other. You will see no harm in the creation of Allah, the Most Merciful. Look at you, can you see a disorder? Then look your eyes, turn over and over again; the eye will turn to you in a helpless and exhausted state. el (al-Mulk, 3-4)

In addition, the Almighty has given all these living things such features that those who are fed with similar foods form different crops, and they complement each other in a way that makes life possible. For example, if a green mulberry leaf eats cattle or sheep, and produces meat, milk and wool from it, the silkworm, a tiny maggot, produces silk from the same leaf. If a kind of deer eats the same thing, it makes him musk. The ability of the bee to make honey from flower powders is beyond the power of the human being, the most perfect being in the universe. The colors, fragrances and leaves of life that flowers find and extract from the soil are wonderful pleasures that no chemist would be able to. When the animal makes the meat meat and milk, the human is not able to manufacture one gram of meat or milk from tons of grass in a chemistry laboratory.

Wherever a person of reason is directed in this universe, he watches Allah's existence and majesty. Prophecies such as sending prophets, violating humanity with their language, knowledge and morality, and raising scholars among them are always the work of divine grace. On the other hand, the result of all the sciences that serve human beings by presenting thousands of benefits is ultimately to show the existence and grandeur of Allah and to help human beings to taste and to help the worship authority. When one looks at himself and the universe with mercy, he immediately understands how ridiculous and bizarre it is not to believe in the apparent divine power and reign!

There are black and white holes in the sky. Allah Almighty swears to these newly discovered gaps as follows:

"No! I swear to the stars' places, if you know, this is a great oath. ”(Al-Waqia, 75-76)

The truth that today's science can detect yet shows how horrific we are facing. White hole in the birthplace of the stars; where he died is called a black hole. A small object emerges from the white holes and, with sudden expansion, grows trillions of times its trunk, forming a giant mass of stars. On the other hand, many giant stars, many times larger than our world, die in the black holes when the time comes. In this respect, the sun that illuminates our sky is also one day:

Zaman When the sun is shaken and there is no light tır] [2] he will experience the truth commanded.

His life will end on that day. The Day of Resurrection, of course, will be. Beyond there! ..

For man, there is no other way but to seek prostration and seek refuge in Allah!

The eyes of Alhâsıl realize that in the face of the divine sovereignty, this world is only one of the billions and trillions of dust floating in the fezâ. Mountains, plains, oceans and people are also in this dust. With this insolvency, man is nothing but a nothing except his servitude! ..

These examples from the oceans of a drop; The judge, Kaid, Kayyûm, Rezzak… are able to state that accepting the existence of an asset is a logical necessity. But in order to see this truth, it is necessary to have success rather than success, that is, eyes of the heart rather than heads. In verse:

Mı Have they never been on earth? For if they walked, of course, they would have hearts to think and ears to hear. But the truth is, eyes are not blind; but the hearts in the breasts are blind. ”(al-Hajj, 46)


If we think about it, everything changes in the world we see. From one surah to another surah. For example, nutfe alekaya, aleka muduğa, muduğ into meat and bone. This kind of exchange occurs in stars, planets, mines, plants, everything.

There's a tremendous movement inside the atom. The electrons are spinning with a very fine calculation and an unimaginable speed. The protons and neutrons, which are core elements, are compressed to a much smaller volume, and their velocities are considerably higher than the electrons. So much so that they spin at over 60,000 kilometers per second.

If we recall that there are about 100 trillion atoms at the head of a pin, which we accept as a square millimeter, we better realize that it is impossible to fully comprehend the power of Almighty Zât who manages the movements in the universe.

In order for all this movement and change to take place, a genuine institution is needed. He is Allah Almighty, who is the Almighty. For it is absolutely impossible for these wonderful states to occur without any actor or to appear from an unconscious actor.

When we contemplate them, we see that even a particle is sufficient to be able to transfer from the work to the establishment. The poet expresses this beautifully:

Knowing what existence hâcet with the sphere of the world,
Enough proof, not even a mote. (Sinas)