WHAT IS ISLAM? | Islam and Ihsan

What is Islam? What is Islam? What is meant by the Qur'an in the Holy Quran saying “Allah is the religion in the land of Allah ind (Al-Imran, 19)? What does olmak Islam olmak mean? How is the connection between human, universe and Islam established? We have compiled for you…

WHAT IS ISLAM? | Islam and Ihsan
WHAT IS ISLAM? | Islam and Ihsan

As the first human being and the first prophet, the content of the religion-i Mübî that started with Hazret-i Adam-aleyhisselâm-dır is the same at every stage. The difference can only be seen in the icthical provisions in the direction of the developments of human life.


The contents are always the same in the so-called “religion adına which is the product of divine notification from Hazret-i Adam to ne ahirzaman b and the name of this content is“ Islam..

As a matter of fact, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says:

“All prophets are brothers and sisters of each other. Their religion is one. ”(Bukhari, Enbiah, 48)

In this respect, Islam is not exclusive to the content of the Qur'an, as it is generally thought. All semâvî religions are always the same as they were before human distortions occurred. That is Islam.

In order to express this fact, the Qur'an states: “Allah is the religion of Allah ind… (Âl-i İmran, 19).

It is also a statement that the only recipe for human beings to the world and the Hereafter is Islam.

This truth is stated in another verse more clearly:

“Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, will know that it will not be accepted and will be among those who do harm in that hereafter.” (Al-Imran, 85)

Then what is Islam, which has reached the summit of the kemal in the Qur'an since Adam was able to develop depending on the evolutionary course of human beings since Adam-aleyhisselâm?

The essence of all the recipes made in this regard in the past is summarized in two points:

ÎTikad (faithful and true to the principles stated in Ammentu)
Amel-i sâlih (After the imam, the Almighty's right to ask us to worship and muâmalâ violations and sincerity).
Islam, which is experienced in the bosom of these two issues, is a chain of successful beauties that provide the divine order of our thoughts, lives and behaviors. It is a path that leads to Allah by establishing sublime rabbits between mind, ears, eyes, tongue and heart. His sublime and glazed subtleties, as a mercy to the stone genius drops, it makes it a softer heart than the earth. But if they are far away from it, it is a stone that has been cut dry in the wilderness deserts. The salvation from this state is again with Islam.

Islam, intellectual, cavalry and de facto human beings in the most beautiful way to knead and violate the darkness of light is a state of disasters. In other words, it is an act that raises and summit the lower ones. It is like an earth that grows roses, violets, tulips and lilies, caressing many rotten branches and snags that are delivered to it, or even teressübahat genius eyes and hearts. It makes simple and ordinary servants privileged. It transforms the Hilkat to its original state and beautifies it. It is the capital of the secrets of man and the universe.

In this respect, it is the only sequel to the heaven which is the famous divine blessings in the journey of eternity without disrupting the servants, it is a blessing.